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The New BAVP Blog

Updated: May 25, 2023

We will be launching a blog on the BAVP Website! If you are thinking about writing a blog post, here are some ideas:

  • Postcard: A collection of pictures with a 250 word (or longer) summary about recent field/laboratory work, a conference you have attended or an engagement activity you have participated in. We would love to see what all of our members are getting up to.

  • Day in the Life: The clue is in the name… we would love to know what parasitologists get up to on a typical day. Whether you are an undergraduate, professor or work in industry, we are interested in finding out what a day in your life looks like. We hope that these will be useful to early career researchers and others interested in pursuing a career in parasitology.

  • Introducing new projects/papers: Share a new paper/project you are involved in with the BAVP community. We want to help with the dissemination of scientific information and make sure it reaches a greater audience.

  • Tell us something interesting: Parasites are fascinating and if you just want to share something you find interesting, please do!

Please submit your blog post and pictures to the BAVP email (, with a photo of you, your institute and whether you would like your email visible for others to get in touch with you.

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